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Tervis Tumblers double wall insulation allows drinks to stay hot or cold many times longer than any glass or vessel. They are Dishwasher, Microwave and Freezer Safe and Resist Scratching & Discoloration. Every Tervis Tumbler comes with a Lifetime Guarantee!

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Fast Wax has a unique combination of Lubricants and Carnauba wax which combine to lift the dirt and grime away from paint, chrome, plastic, glass and the rims on your vehicle and leaves a professional show car finish. For a professional show car finish use what racing professionals have used for years. Fast Wax has truly created a superior product which can be used on cars, RVs, boats, motorcycles, airplanes, trucks, bicycles and more. Clean and wax an average sized vehicle in less than 30 minutes. With one can of Fast Wax can do the same car 3 to 4 times over.

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A taste for fine design, an eye for exquisite gifts, and a reputation for the personalized touch. Find the items you want in the Woodeye Studios Glassware gallery of handmade sand carved glass designs. Our fabulous, functional collection of art glass is high-quality, dishwasher safe, unique, and customized. Painted in deliciously vibrant candy colors and etched to a deep-winter windowpane frost, every glass in our collection is designed, handcrafted, and signed by artist Jeffrey Woods in his home studio.
From the perfect formal gift to everyday use, our glasses hold more than your favorite drink: they hold style, beauty, and memories.

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Presenting the Internet's favorite place for great prices and selection on quality knives and cutlery! Talk about variety... you can get everything here from Case stag knives and Hen and Rooster knives to Stockman knives and Boker knives. Save on pocket knives and any of our Buck knives, as well as hunting knives and even custom knives. Are you looking for a switchblade or some quality kitchen knives? You'll find them here, along with Case knives and a number of collectable knives that include the popular Yellowhorse knives. With this much variety at these prices, we know you'll find the perfect knife here!

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30 Million Years in the Making! At Bearmouth, Montana we discovered a mineral from an extinct volcano - Ignimbrite, unmatched in its ability to adsorb and absorb odors and moisture. It's a natural deodorizer and more effective than baking soda. MultiFreshâ„¢ is 100% safe working quickly to draw in and lock up even the worst odors. Put 30 million years of nature to the test. Purchase at right or contact us for more information!

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When it comes to area rugs, one brand stands out: Karastan Rugs, known for its woven area rugs that are available in stunning textures, patterns and many styles to choose from. All Karastan rugs have been constructed featuring one interlocked unit to ensure exceptional durability using a power-driven weaving production process.. Continue reading

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Since we launched the Bodylastics Super System 10 years ago, we have helped tens of thousands of people create the type of body that THEY visualized having. We consistently receive emails and phone calls from people who cannot believe how well this system worked for them.

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Do you have back pain or know someone who suffers from back stiffness or soreness, especially when seated? Many people suffer today; back pain is a very common problem and it's not easily treated.

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Something old, something new..." best heralds the basic design philosophies of PAPER+CUP. Founders, Minhee & Truman Cho, are inspired by both the timeless classics of venerable tradition, while remaining gleefully enchanted with the dynamic avant-garde. They have established a strong reputation for their innovative approach in design, while still retaining a solid foundation of the enduring classics.

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Professional teeth whitening is what we do! Choosing to have your teeth professionally whitened is an important decision, and so is selecting the right product to whiten them with. If you're considering cosmetic tooth whitening to improve your appearance, you want a company with the proven, skills and product to attain the brightest, whitest teeth possible. Teeth whitening is easy, quick and affordable.

We guarantee that your teeth will be 3 - 8 shades lighter in 30 days or your money back. That's how confident we are about our product. No one else will make this offer!

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Phonerental Inc. is one of the market leaders in temporary cellular and satellite phone rentals, providing cell phones for use all over the U.S. with country wide coverage and no roaming or long distance charges.. For your travel abroad, Phonerental Inc. has GSM cellular phone rentals, with coverage in America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Pacific islands.

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