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Ancient Myths in Bible Origin

It's Christmas Day as I write this and everywhere people are celebrating a lie. The media is full of what people are doing, saying and worshipping today. Everyone who is involved are promoting the biggest lie of all - that it is the birthday of Jesus Christ. To me it is so against God, the Spirit of the Universe, that disasters are brought upon us for the evil of what this day represents. You can read more about that in this lens. A few of the horrors that happened here as a result of Christmas. Floods in Victoria and parts of NSW, a grandmother ran over and killed her 3 yo grandson, another grandmother killed her 5 yo granddaughter in a car accident, a man lost his family (wife and 3 daughters) in a housefire in which he was severely burnt, children have drowned in swimming pools, swimmers have drowned in the ocean, shark attacks have taken 2 victims, and the list goes on. It is the worst time of the year for accidents and disasters as noted here - So why don't people heed the warnings?

Fooled by Lies

One of the worst things about Christmas, aside from the religious nonsense, is the way parents and relatives lie to children. As one who has studied human behaviour all of my life there is one norm that cannot be ignored. Humans are sheep and they bend like the wind to follow and believe in anything that will give them something for nothing, more freedom to be stupid and the possibility that they live forever in a paradise of their dreams. Religion does all of these things and although many participants in Christmas never venture into a church they pretend to be Christians for the sake of what it delivers. There are millions going to church today who probably have not been in one for donkey years and some probably not since they were babies and yet they celebrate the lie of Jesus Christ with gusto. Everywhere there are people saying Merry Christmas to each other and feasting as if there is no tomorrow. In the celebrations many will drink to excess, some will turn to abuse as they struggle to cope with the after-effects of what they indulge in. Unfortunately for them many will die either on roads or in the disasters that the Spirit, the only God, will send upon them. Children are madly opening presents they have been told was delivered by some weird old man they cannot get their heads around. The parents go ape over him and derive pleasure from fooling their kids with lies that prevent their offspring from knowing the truth. It's a sick joke and what is even sicker is that they stick their kids on some strange man's knee in the shopping malls to tell him what they want for Christmas so parents rush into the shops and buy the gifts, How many of these men are actually pedophiles who get some pleasure from handling the youngsters sitting on their laps? Parents need to wake up and know that when you lie to a child that child will lie back to you. If they are young enough to believe this then they cannot telll the difference between a joke and reality at their age.

Killed by Lies

Christians base their beliefs on The New Testament (discussed here), which can be shown to have originated from tales of Chrishna in India. It was compiled from tales and myths circulating around the Roman Empire at the time of Jerome, who authored it under the name of The Vulgate. The word itself derives from "The Common" which means simply 'common beliefs'. Jerome admitted in his diary that he had to change a lot of things. including parts of the Old Testament, to line up with the new publication. He stated in a letter to the then Bishop of Rome, who had demanded the book be produced, "I did not change everything lest I be thought to be overparticular." It was Jerome who also changed the language of the book born of Catholicism from Greek to Latin to avoid the Jews laughing at the work. Of the Old Testament he claimed to have put back what the Jews had removed, What he 'put back' were references to the coming birth of Christ and other passages that turned the Spirit God into a man. In his letters he noted that he had to decide among all of the writings floating around which among them were the most credible and the ones more likely to be received. What he portrayed was a Christ that was the light of the world, in accordance with the tradition surrounding Apollo, who worked miracles in accordance with what was told of Krishna, who rose from the dead, in accordance with the Mother sun God who rose again every morning and died every night and who was the 'sun' reincarnated from the sun, or Mother God. The word 'sun' and 'son' has the same etymology. The 'sun of the sun' was acceptable as the 'sun of God' and the 'son of God'. He kept the name 'Mari' of the sun as the virgin mother of the new sun. 'Ma-r-i' means Mother's powerful eye' as 'ma=mother', 'r or ra is power' and '[i] is 'eye'. 'Ma-ra-i' is also a derivitive and the origin of 'Maria. At the time of Jerome there was no pope, only Damasus, the Bishop of Rome, who appointed him to credit the fledgling religion of Constantine with a book and calendar. He subsequentlly borrowed the calendar, feast days, instruments, garments and the mass itself from the Religion of Rome which worshipped the sun and Jupiter as the head god. This was acceptable by the sceptical Romans who he convinced murdered a prophet 300 years earlier who has now been credited with being the Son of God. You can read more of this story in the following lenses and those featured at the bottom of the page,.

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